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CPA Firm Services

CPA Firm Services

QRGA, LLP provides a number of services for accounting firms including:

Pre-Issuance and Quality Control:

Our experience as peer reviewers provides us with the expertise needed to assist other CPA firms in maintaining and improving the skills needed to effectively perform their accounting and auditing services.  We are available to help firms with pre-issuance reviews and quality control reviews.

Audit Enhancements:

The move to electronic format, the pace of A&A pronouncements, and the growth of clietns have made it increasingly apparent for periodic skill upgrades.  Whether it be CPE classes tailored to your client base or assistance in designing specific audit approaches to an increasingly complex client base, we can help.  QRGA, LLP was an early leader in the paperless A&A environment and now utilizes CAATT's software for fraud detection and as an enhanced auditing tool.

Problem Solving:

From time to time, CPA firms may need internal mending.  Some of the more typical problems include stagnant growth, partner disputes, communications breakdowns, and poor client retention.  We can help CPA firms get back on track.  We can host partner retreats, create retention plan and advise partners.

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